GoodKarma Productions
Part of BarKayma Association, Jerusalem

Hello. We use code and design as tools for converting meaningful data sources into useful experiences.

We are mostly busy with:
26899 Cultural Events in Jerusalem (information collected, displayed and archived) since December 2005, including 15218 flyer images and 3861 YouTube videos, occuring @ 152 registered locations.
776 registered users are updating Messy.Boat.Bitch.On.Yacht on a daily basis. Messy.Boat is a FREE service and it proudly displays 0 advertising banners. Over 2000 unique visitors are using the website daily.
We also published a fanzine with the same name...
Information on 36 Art Exhibitons since June 2008 @ 16 museums and/or galleries in Jerusalem was collected, displayed and archived @ in cooperation with United Jerusalem Galleries.
jerusalem.notenet is one more free service which provides a platform for people to get rid of old stuff and ask for things they need. It was launched in April 2008 and has 51 registered users that posted 42 notes so far.
You can read about all this and more things we are interested in @ our development blog containing 138 posts since November 2007.